Cooking Club

Grilling is the most straightforward of all cooking methods.  What could be more basic, after all, than putting something over a fire and cooking it until it’s done?  Despite the simplicity, though, the constant changing dynamic of a live fire means grilling is also the most interactive, exciting and challenging of all cooking methods.  When you bake, you just turn the oven to 350 and for sautéing, you twist the dial to medium high.  But there are no such controls in live fire grilling.  The cook makes constant, intuitive decisions based on observation and experience.

That said, grilling should be a release, not a chore, which means it should at all times be approached in a laid-back, lighthearted direction.  The fun is in the cooking and the eating, the relaxed atmosphere and good fellowship.  Whether you’re a novice looking for your initial grilling experience or an accomplished Ph.G. (Doctor of Grilling), join Cooking Club on Saturday, May 19th at 11:30am to get your grill on.  The hosts have a charcoal grill with gas ignition for fast starts; resident expert Barbeque Bob will be on hand to make sure everybody stays safe and eats well!  Bring a dish to grill, think beyond protein/entrees to appetizers, veggies and fruits.  The Wegman’s website, has dozens of recipes for inspiration.  We’ll meet rain or shine.

Come prepared to plan Cooking Club’s summer meeting schedule – bring your day planner or calendar.