Harford County Branch

AAUW Harford County promotes educational, cultural, and networking opportunities for our branch members.

Harford County Goals

Harford County Branch will . . .


    • Increase membership by 10%.
    • Seek at least half of the increase among ages 25-50.
    • Seek to retain 90% of the current membership.
    • Seek to become a more diverse/multi-cultural organization.


    • Determine membership needs and interests with regard to program planning.
    • Create a positive climate at monthly branch meetings.
    • Expand networking opportunities.
    • Develop programs that reflect the AAUW purpose.
    • Evaluate programming.


    • Create a realistic budget to sufficiently fund branch operations.

Charter Members

Mildred Bara Catherine Gosney Laura Sadlowski
Catherine Brown Gladys Hecht Patricia Smith
Connie Byrne Clay Katchmar Martha Stovall
Dorothy Carson Marcia Kuhn Katherine Williams
Laura Cordua Dorothy Leithiser Johnnie Lee Witt
Ruth Fender Mary Lill Mrs. Thaddeus Wolinski
Betty Feroli Dessamae Lorraine Anna Dudley Wood
Margaret Fletcher Ann Rodman

Past Presidents

1956–1959 Laura Cordua 1987–1989 Anne Brown
1959–1961 Clay Katchmar 1989–1990 Dorothy Roller
1961–1962 Barbara Fetterhoff 1990–1991 Gwen Corkran
1962–1963 Johnnie Lee Witt 1991–1993 Carol Joe Horst
1963–1967 Geraldine Liechty 1993–1994 Barbara O. Kreamer
1967–1969 Theodora ‘Ted’ DeArmon 1994–1995 Anne Brown
1969–1971 Enid Farrand 1995–1997 Colette Walker-Thomas
1971–1973 Janet Gayley Staton 1997–1999 Kathleen Blackburn
1973–1975 Ilene Vaught 1999–2001 Marlene Butler
1975–1977 Mary Louise Preis 2001–2003 Marlene Lieb
1977–1979 Barbara Walker 2003–2005 Pat Hogan
1979–1981 Rowenna Fahrney 2005–2007 Peggy Dymond
1981–1982 Louise Kennard 2007–2009 Karen Gyolai
1982–1985 Joan Brandt Auble 2009–2011 Eva Hart
1985–1987 Deborah Lane 2011–2013


Hazel Hopkins

Bernadette Low