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  Message from Marlene
Hello April! I recently saw a poster that read “Checklist for the Month of April.” It went something like
• Wake Up With Gratitude and Joy
• Tell a Joke that Makes People Laugh
• Take Time to Wind Down Before Bed
• Visit the Mormon Temple with our WIGS group
• RSVP to attend the annual AAUW Resnik Awards Celebration
• Put May 3rd on Your Calendar for our “Women’s Voices Through the Arts” event
Okay … so I added a few of my own at the end, but I DO think our Spring events are worthy of
addition on any TO DO list. April is always a time of renewal, and what better way to renew than
spending time with like-minded women friends?
We have a rare opportunity to tour the Mormon Temple in DC on April 28 or May 20.
Additional information can be found in this newsletter.
Together we will celebrate our future by honoring 12 young women who excel in Math and
Science at our 34th annual Resnik Awards Celebration (Sat April 30). The invitation enclosed
provides all of the details.
Throughout history women have made their voices heard through the arts. Support our Tues
May 3rd Art Show, which will benefit local artists AND our branch!
I look forward to spending quality time with all of you at these special events.
Marlene Lieb
Kudos To:
Olivia Spencer for her donation of original art work that was auctioned at the Maryland State
Convention on behalf of our branch;
Bernadette Lowe for representing us at The MD State Convention and for agreeing to be on the
STATE Nominating Committee for 2023;
Theresa Farleigh for agreeing to chair our Branch Nominating Committee;
Lisha Sturgill for rekindling our WIGS (Women Interested in Going Somewhere) group;
All of our members working on the Resnik event: Jennifer Palinkas, Sheila Allen, Alice Leeds,
Sandy Guzewich, Jeanne Blades, Maureen North, Karen Gyolia, Diana Rudolph, Hazel Hopkins, 


AAUW Book Group plans

AAUW Book Group is meeting at Sharon Delgado’s house the third Saturday in August 8/20. The meeting time is 10am.

The Book is: State of Terror
By: Hillary Clinton and Louise Penny

The Harford County Public Library has many, many  copies available for loan.

Sherry’s address is:
3922 Greenpeak Rd.
Jarrettsville, MD 21084

Please RSVP by phone or email

Her phone is (443) 866-9459


AAUW Harford County

Sun, Jan 30, 9:19 AM (21 hours ago)

We meet on Saturdays from 10 to 1130. Plans are for in-person meetings for the rest of the year, with virtual as back-up.

So you can get a head-start on the books for the rest of the year:

Sat Feb 26 – “How the Word is Passed” (306.362S) – Clint Smith
Sat Mar 26 – “Moment of Lift” (305.42G) – Melinda Gates (I’ll have Book Group to Go copies to distribute at Feb meeting)
Sat Apr 23 – “Dark Tides” – Phillipa Gregory
Sat June 11 – “The Alice Network” – Kate Quinn
We’ll meet at 11am to discuss the book and then share a salad luncheon.

Women in Film!!

Sarah Waldron, originally from Havre de Grace, will be our guest speaker at the February 16th meeting. She attended local schools as well as the Friends School of Harford County and HCC before heading off to the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios and then completed her formal education at Brandeis University with a BA in Screenwriting. She’s had every imaginable position behind the camera, including holding that camera, and now is completing work on her first major film, Flying Lessons which was filmed in Darlington last summer.

If you’d like to know what it takes for a woman to be a part of the film industry or about her path getting there, please join us at 7:00 PM to meet her on Zoom.

For more information go to hazelhopkins2@gmail.com


Birthday Bash! Before we know it, our birthdays come and go, and we have forgotten to reach out to others on their special day. This upcoming year, we’d like to change that in AAUW by sending each member a birthday card. There’s one little problem with this however, we don’t have everyone’s birthday! Please help us out by emailing your birthday back to me so I can complete a chart with everyone’s special day. Even if you’ve sworn off celebrating any more birthdays, birthday well wishes will still head your way!

Please email your name and birthday (month and day are fine if you want to keep others guessing your age!) and address back to me when you have a moment or you can also text the information with your name, address, and birthdate to my cell 410-800-3732.

Many thanks!
Jeanne Blades
VP for Membership