AAUW Programs for 2023-2024
The theme for this year’s program is JOINING FORCES FOR ADVOCACY. We are busy setting up 6
interesting programs for the year which will hopefully inspire you to ACT. Some of the programs will cover Health, Voting Rights, the Environment, ERA, Racial Equity and Educational impact in Harford County. Our first program, on Wednesday September 20, 2023, will be guest speaker Bari Klein from Healthy Harford. In other programs, we will be learning more about voting rights and the passage of the ERA, as well as Race Relations and Environmental concerns. We hope these topics will interest you and inspire you to take up the baton and work to help improve the lives of fellow Marylanders. The January and February programs will be via Zoom while the other four are in person. Please join us for these important programs.

On March 20, at 7 pm we will have an in-person meeting with Dr. Title.  Dr. Lisa Tittle is a Harford County native passionate about helping people reach their educational and career goals, especially those who have previously never thought about going to college. She teaches transitional reading and writing courses along with English composition. She will be speaking to us about Race in America and how we can talk about it.  Please join us for this important discussion.


In our May 15th meeting we will be hearing from Tracy Waite.  Tracey is the President of Harford County Climate Action and has been VERY active in Environment affairs in Harford County. Her latest involvement has been “Saving Abingdon Woods! Tracy will talk to us about how WE, the AAUW, can work to save our environment.  This will be another, important meeting that will give us direction in saving our county from disaster.

Submitted by Theresa Freligh, VP Programs

AAUW Book Group


AAUW Book Group
If you love to read, this is the group for you! We bring interesting and diverse points of view to the discussion of virtually every book we read. We meet on Saturday mornings (usually on the fourth Sat) September through May at members’ homes from 10am – 11:30. You can just read along with us, but the process of discussing books with other intelligent women is well worth your time. The joy of reading is multiplied when we share it with others. Join us if you’re able!
For more information, contact Peggy Dymond, or 410-272-9139 (home).

Toni Bram Scholarship Fund

A letter recently went out to all our members with information about the Toni Bram Scholarship Fund. The
money collected will go toward a graduation ceremony for the students who completed their GED in the years
2020-2022. Due to Covid, they were not able to conduct graduation ceremonies during that time period.
When I first started teaching in the GED program, I expected to find a classroom of surly teenagers who didn’t
care about learning in the traditional manner. What I found was so different than what I expected. Here are four
examples of the type of student I encountered:
 A 64-year-old homeless grandmother who wanted to get her GED before her grandchild did to show her
how important an education is in this world
 A young man who left school the second half of his senior year because his sister had been at Johns
Hopkins for the last seven months and he needed to drop out and get a job to help support the family
 A young woman whose life story was so tragic I thought to myself, “If only half of that is true, I am
amazed that you have the strength to be here.”
 A woman who received her master’s degree in another country but needed her GED to prove to
prospective employers that she had the skills needed for the job
Many students start the GED program, but due to circumstances, many do not complete it. The students
who do finish often have to overcome obstacles and persevere to make it to graduation.
Thirty-five dollars will help one student walk across the stage in a cap and gown with a tassel depicting
the year they received their GED. A donation of any amount will help make this day a special one for
them, and it will be greatly appreciated by the students and the staff.
Submitted by Maureen North

Judith Resnik Brunch

Mark your calendars as we recognize 12 outstanding young women in our community
who excel in Math and Science. This year’s Resnik Awards Brunch is being held on Saturday, April 20.

Guest speaker: Claire Allen
Members’ Cost: $20 payable at the   door. Cash preferred.

Sat April  20     10:30am – 12:30pm
HCC – Student Center     Globe Cafe

Marlene Lieb
410-808-2246 (M)

Harford Community College.
Member Registration will be $20