Educational Opportunities Fund

The Educational Opportunities Fund supports educational and lifelong learning pursuits that give women opportunities for a lifetime of success.  The Fellowships and Grants that were known formerly as the Educational Foundation (EF) are included under the auspices of the Educational Opportunities Fund.

Named Gift Awards

Barbara Fetterhoff Honorary Fund

Sheila Allen Anne Heidenreich

Dian O. Belanger International Fellowship

Morita Bruce Lorna May Wortman
Toni Bram Peggy Dymond
In memory of Mary Sudbrink Catherine Healy Brown
In Honor of her 50 years of Membership
In honor of our Founding Members,
On the occasion of our 50th Anniversary

Jean Colburn American Fellowship

Shirley Moore Mary Louise Preis
Mary Valenti Cynthia Boyle
David Roller

Eleanor Roosevelt Fund for Women and Girls

The Fund supports AAUW research to provide analysis, data, and accurate information about issues that are important to women and girls.

Anne Brown Beverly Ray
Mary Louise Kleman Peggy Dymond
Jennifer Ralston Nancy Beltz
Judy Huff Westing Mary Lee Hutchins
Eva Hart Sara Morton
Patricia Hogan Cynthia Beasman
Kathleen Blackburn Anne Heidenreich
Marlene Butler Bernadette Low
In memory of Judith Westing In recognition of Harford County Branch for hosting the 2003 AAUW-MD Convention Committee

State Division

Johnnie Lee Witt Carol Jo Horst
Geraldine Liechty Barbara Walker
Theodora “Ted” DeArmon

Harford Branch

Geraldine Liechty Barbara Walker
Laura Cordua All Past Branch Members
Irene Morgan Mary Ann Kraybill
Connie Rosenquist Theodora “Ted” DeArmon
Marlene Lieb Janet Gayley Staton
Mary Sudbrink Shirley Oakley Moore
Ilene Vaught Dorothy Thomson Roller
Joan Brandt Auble Rowenna Fahrney
Lillian Hoopman Karen Gyolai
Anne Brown Carol Jo Hurst
Shirley and Don Moore